WHY 12:2?

Rooted in scripture, Romans 12:2 tells us to “be transformed by the renewal of your mind.” At Twelve Two Coaching I’ll help you renew your mind by creating awareness of habits or patterns of thinking and doing that have kept you from the transformative change that you desire.


Twelve Two Coaching encourages transformative change in life, leadership, relationships, ministry, your career, your faith, your job performance or any other area in your life that you want to get unstuck or make some new discovery to make a change and move forward.

Through coaching you will shift and renew your mindset, discovering your next steps forward. You’ll set goals by creating an action plan that includes accountability to insure your success as you courageously work to make the changes that you’ve discovered through the coaching relationship to move forward.

That’s the why and what behind the name Twelve Two Coaching!

Here is a testimonial from a client about her experience of transformation with Twelve Two Coaching:

I started meeting with Jackie to help me move forward with some career decisions that I’d been circling around for a long time with no forward movement.  First, Jackie has an amazingly loving and kind heart, so it’s easy to share with her. Second, Jackie is not only a gifted listener—she is a thinking listener.  She quietly draws on her experience and expertise to see through to your inner heart, when maybe you can’t see it yourself.  Jackie helped me see my issue in a new light, giving me new ideas for moving forward. Oh, and last, Jackie is just a joy to be around!  I can’t recommend her highly enough as a coach, whatever the issue might be. Cindy B.


The word encouraging means to “give someone support or confidence for future success” and this is what I strive to do at Twelve Two Coaching. Whether over coffee or over the phone I will help you create awareness and new thinking to shift your mindset towards your transformation from your current state to your desired state.


The key to you reaching your goal is through the process of transformation. True transformation inspires you to think and live from a new perspective moving forward so your actions reflect your transformative change.


Change gets you unstuck. Change will move you forward. Change will give you courage as you step into renewing your mindset for transformative change so you are living out your goals and your dreams.

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