Key Note Speaker. 
Workshop Facilitator.

Break Out Conference Speaker. Corporate Training.

I have years of experience in front of an audience and would be privileged to give my voice, my experience and my authenticity to your event. Topics I am passionate about are:

Encouraging Women about God’s Love
A Crisis in Confidence
Recalculating Our Comfort Zones
Living a Life Worth Imitating

Faith and Trusting God
Women’s Leadership Issues

Soft Skill Development
Performance Coaching
What Would You Do? The Good Samaritan
Tasting and Seeing That the Lord is Good in Suffering
Developing your Listening Skills
Taking A Coach Approach
Flooded Peace or True Peace


Thank you for your consideration as a possible speaker at your event! Please complete the form below and when I receive your information, I will make contact with you! I look forward to working with you and your team!

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